We predict winning moves in the baccarat card game, making the game easy and enjoyable. Your task is just to follow the prompts and win.

RTA helps you learn, have fun and win


Beginners in baccarat helps to enjoy the card game, giving the right tips at the right time, reducing stress and minimizing possible financial losses.


It helps experienced players to hone their baccarat skills, control their decisions, and raise the level of the game.


For professionals for whom baccarat is the main source of income, it gives an opportunity to get a stable, predictable income with an ROI of about 600%.

1 Day


1 Month


Unlimited access



Which casinos are not blocked?

We recommend playing only in trusted casinos, because there are cases of account blocking for using software

A verified casino by most of our users, the account is not blocked

How it Works

1. Open the baccarat card game table
2. Open the assistant window
3. Combine a baccarat table with a window assistant. And enjoy the game

What do the hints that ensure your victory look like?

1. Enter the baccarat board using the appropriate buttons: P, B, T
2. During the game, the assistant will give hints: Bet B 1 unit
3. Bet B 1 unit - The assistant recommends betting 1 unit on the Banker

How the assistant was created

Analysis of more than 50,000 hands

The analysis took about 200 hours

Finding the optimal strategy

While searching for a strategy, we found 3 workers. And we chose the optimal one

Testing the assistant in the game

We tested the assistant in more than 5000 hands

Creating an assistant program

It took 1 week to program the assistant


1. Baccarat assistant will not give you a 100% win
2. Don’t stay too long on one board, play short games on several
3. If you have lost 1/3 of the stack, then do not tilt, exit the game, take a walk, relax
4. Set a goal per session (for example, 10% of the stack). Remember that you can’t win all the time

Our Team!

Matt B.
Jordan H.
Sebastian R.